Client Feedback – Coaching


Jo’s coaching clients find her to be authentic and grounded, and describe her as highly emotionally aware, truly effective at building relationships,  showing endless patience and being a great listener,  with the ability to firmly and fairly challenge  and to encourage their own reflections and  learning and to develop their own insights and solutions.

Coachees enjoy working with Jo and, over a series of sessions, become inspired and motivated by the power of their own thinking and potential to take responsibility for making real changes that matter and make a difference.

Feedback from coaching  clients

‘I feel very comfortable with Jo’s style – it is very supportive without being intrusive’.

‘Coaching digs deep into a coachee’s personality and thinking processes and this makes the coaching sessions very personal.  Jo creates the space to relax and think through things clearly without being uncomfortable’.

‘As a coach Jo works with you so you can unravel your thinking for yourself.  The work we did was great and every time I left refreshed, determined and with greater clarity’.

‘I felt that Jo was knowledgeable and sensitive in her coaching.  I have found her style and operation exemplary and I have no hesitation in recommending her to the most senior of executives.  If you are prepared to be open and frank, time with Jo is time seriously well invested’.